Olaf Scholten

KVI rug

Picture taken by
 Nasser Kalantar in Isuien Garden, Nara, March 1999

Postal address:

Zernikelaan 25
NL-9747 AA Groningen
The Netherlands

E-mail address:
+31 50 363 3552
+31 50 363 3555/3600 (secretariat)
+31 50 363 4003

Chair/Organizer of the ARENA2016 Meeting
Membership ERC evaluation panel
Guest Professor at the iihe of the VUBrussels
Educational Activities
Highly rated summerschool program at GSI
PhD positions at other universities
  • In the general field of astroparticle physics:
    International: Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program in Relativistic Astrophysics
    Amsterdam: GRAPPA (GRavitation and AstroParticle Physics in Amsterdam)

  • Research Activities, Google-scholar listing of highly cited papers
    Other Activities
    Present Ph.D. students
    O. Scholten