Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut

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User facility

KVI is a user facility for the international scientific community. Under the EURONS collaboration of the EU, KVI offers support for transnational access of outside users to the AGOR facility. Proposals from outside users will be evaluated on basis of their scientific merit, by the AGOR Programme Advisory Committee (PAC). The AGOR facility is also available for commercial use by industries, businesses and the public sector.

The central facility of the KVI is AGOR, a superconducting K=600 MeV cyclotron for the acceleration of light and heavy ions. The cyclotron is equipped with three external ion sources. Presently, there are three major experimental detection systems for nuclear research at the KVI, which all three can be used in conjunction with ancillary equipment. A new facility called TRIÁP, meant for trapping radioactive ions produced with AGOR, is under construction.

KVI Transnational Access under EURONS
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