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KVI plays a central role in scientific education at all levels. At KVI young researchers are trained in nuclear and atomic physics. During this training they acquire a variety of expertise making them well suited to take positions of importance in all walks of society, and in academia and industry. This training is provided within the programme of the International Research School FANTOM.

KVI staff members are enthusiastic teachers in the Bachelors and Masters educational physics programmes of the University of Groningen. There are ample possibilities for physics students to do their Bachelors and Masters training projects in KVI research groups. These may concern theoretical, experimental or technical training projects in all fields of research at KVI.

In the past few years, KVI has increased its activities for high-school students. School classes visit the institute, KVI staff members give exciting presentations in schools and students can do a short project (profielwerkstuk) under supervision of a KVI staff member. Within the Dutch national outreach project HISPARC (‘HIgh-School Project on Astrophysics Research with Cosmics’) high-school students, under supervision of a KVI staff member, build detectors for cosmic radiation and place them on the roof of their school.

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